Social Bashing Media

To be honest, I am a very social person. Social meaning, I have accounts in facebook, twitter and Instagram. I even manage a KPop fan page in facebook and planning to do so for twitter and instagram.

It’s good to have all these social media to be able to express our feelings and thoughts about nationwide or global issues. We could also express love for our idols or even our family members and friends. Social media has been a medium of communication across the globe and I believe we have to thank technology with that.

One thing I have noticed though is that there has been rampant bashing in all social networks. People would create poser or fake accounts, anti-person account that would create negativity. Some would not even be satisfied by doing those accounts alone, instead they would reach out to the real account and say harsh words and even curses.

Why do they have to do that?
Why do they have to bully someone who they barely know anything about?
Why do hatred had to be expressed in that kind of way – harsh and inhuman?

I am a fan of Social networking sites, don’t get me wrong. But I am not a fan of extreme bashing.

If you hate that person, just hate them. Don’t add another negativity to this world.




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